The Time is now

Mr. Broussard and Mr. Bryant have held the title to this island property for over a quarter of a century, waiting for the time to be just right. The optimum time to develop Coconut Cove Marina and Beach is now, and MCGB Properties is poised to make this a win for everyone involved.

All economic and real estate indicators have now come together to create an all-time market demand and appetite for properties on areas like Coconut Cove Marina and Beach. As fewer and fewer such properties are available and accessible, patience for many is running thin. Yet, that patience is about to be rewarded. Discerning real estate investors can take part in this opportunity by taking action today, before the moment passes by.  

Commitment to the Environment

Every organization and its leadership have a responsibility to hold the protection of the environment as a fundamental belief and deploy this value proposition in all aspects of the company’s operating systems. As a land developer, MCG Properties is committed to ensuring that this entire enterprise will, as part of its development strategy, be committed to be environmentally vigilant on behalf of its investors.

 The Critical Investment Factors

In addition to the matter of optimum timing, there are a number of other critical factors that are conducive to making Utila an excellent investment opportunity for the wise and discerning investor:

· Stable Government and Secure Local Environment
· Security of Investment
· Inviting Climate
· Strong Infrastructure
· Growing Local Economy
· Potential Retail Real Estate Market
· Ease of Access

 Solid Ground

The Honduran central government has been very stable for over thirty years. The Bay Islands themselves have their own local Governor and municipal structure seeing to it that the islands are ever improving. Crime on Utila is virtually non-existent, and local laws work to keep the communities stable and happy. Reform of the land ownership laws in Honduras in recent years has created an even safer environment for investment in real estate. Central registration of deeds means that investors can now invest with absolute confidence. In addition, MCG Properties has put in place an integrated security system for Land owners through partnered relationships. By seeking out and engaging world class companies with which to partner, MCGB Properties Ltd. has established the necessary relationships to put legal and financial infrastructures in place that provide both stability and security to any purchaser. These would include:

STLA – Over $12 Billion in Escrow Experience
Aguilar Castillo Love – A History of Legal Leadership in Central America