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Where is Utila?
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Why would people want to vacation or buy property in Utila?
What is there to do on such a small island?
How accessible is the island to tourists and potential home owners?
What is MCGB Properties Ltd.?
Construction Management Experience?

Why is this property being developed?

What is the infrastructure of the island like?

What are there in the way of daily amenities?

How stable is the government? Is it safe?

What is the health of this tiny island community?

What is the currency of Utila?

What is the medium to long term real estate prospective?

How secure is this as a real estate investment?

How do these property prices compare to other Caribbean islands?

Are there any residency or business restrictions?
What assurances do I have that ownership will be well protected and appropriately stewarded?
Who are these partnered companies?
As a lot owner, I am concerned about the protection of the environment. How can I be assured that this is a priority?


Visit Utila if you crave hints of Hemingway’s old Key West or Grand Cayman before chain hotels…
-Huffington Post-
One of the top 10 best places to retire in the world…
Safe… On Utila, a Caribbean Island with a population of just 3, 500, the biggest problems are lionfish – and getting a restaurant table…