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MCGB Properties is the latest addition to the MCG group of Companies. The group represents over fifty years of lasting client relationships that are embedded in openness, collaboration, superior service as well as sound ethical business practices.  MCGB Properties has created a unique and powerful synergy that provides an exciting development opportunity for the discerning investor.

 Broussard And Bryant – Right timing

Beginning over 25 years ago, Broussard and Bryant formed a strong bond beginning with their common roots originating in Louisiana. Both began to quickly envisage the development potential for this pristine island paradise. The only question for future development was one of “right timing”. The time is NOW.

Ground Breaking For Half A Century

MCG Construction is a Canadian based, design-build general contractor renowned for its quality of construction, client-builder relationships, in-house expertise and ethical business practices.  With over 50 years of wide ranging project management experience, MCG Construction has the proven expertise to take any sized project from the preliminary stages to final completion. Through decades of experience, the company has developed a well-established, knowledgeable team which handles the vast majority of the construction in-house.

Strongwall Integrated Building System

The homes at Coconut Cove and Beach will be constructed using a unique high tech integrated concrete wall system which affords the buyer numerous advantages over traditional construction: reduces construction time byover 70% thus reducing labour costs, vertically integrated conduits, water and moisture proof, fire resistant, soundproof, greater suspension loads. Strongwall is environmentally vigilant and draws from some of the earth’s most common and abundant minerals for its raw materials.

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MCG Construction – Ground Breaking for Half a Century
Over 2000 projects completed
Established in 1965
Over 70 Staff

MCG Building Systems – Integrated Building System
1000’s  of projects completed
Established in 1997
Spanning over 10 countries



MCGB Properties – The MCG group of companies are founded on a strong family and corporate culture of highest professional conduct, strong employee relations, creative practice and commitment to each and every community in which it does business. This has resulted in earned trust for our Companies.


MCGB Property Ltd. family and corporate values permeate its approach to the environment as it does all of its business practices. From the outset of any project through to final completion, the company is known for its genuine interest in and commitment to all aspects of environmental protection.


When clients speak of our Companies, they praise their team work, collaborative approach, client satisfaction and appreciation, supportive relationships, efficiencies and highest standards. Over fifty years of satisfied and repeat clients.